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Now price for the MikroKop WorkTools software has been lowered to only $225.00 per registration.

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  Quick info...
MikroKop WorkTools software has been used by sales offices since 1996.
In May 1998 it was presented for the first time to the US and international Rainbow distributors during the eSERIES™ Rainbow introduction in Dallas, Texas.
In late 1999, program was renamed from
"Access to Rainbow" to "MikroKop WorkTools".

Software has evolved over time, but the key features remain the same...

It have been proven to be: 

easy to learn, 
simple to operate, 
self explanatory, 
time saving, 
paper saving,
and more...
Current version is: 2.8 (released 2016)
 What tools does the program provide?
- Appointment Ledgers,
- Detailed customers' records,
- "Green Lights" entry and activity tracking,
- "Whales" entry and activity tracking ("4 in 14" - Royal Prestige version),
- Demo Leads and Registration Leads entry and activity tracking,
- "Main Events" dates and new recruits management,
- Gifts entry and inventory tracking,
- "Calling forms" designed to track all types of leads activity,
- Record Boards (Want-Got-Did, Record Board, Perfect 10),
- Dealers', Sub Distributors, GSD's, Marketing Directors, Trainers records,
- Inventory for serialized, non serialized, promotional items, etc.
- Inventory items tracking (customers, dealers, sub-distributors)
- Printing invoices for sold items and other inventory reports,
- Accounts Receivable management with monthly statements,
- Daily records ("Just the facts", etc.),
- Payments due reminders,
- Trainings' schedule and attendance,
- Time Sheets for employees,
- Invoices for customers and sub distributors,
- CFR's registration (Rainbow version),
- Extensive reports (daily, weekly, monthly, custom dates),
- Password protection for different parts of the application,
- and more...

Rainbow version: Program has been designed with Rexair's standards in mind.
 Just a few screenshots from the inside of the program:
  Easily access all your customers and associated data.
  Conveniently track all appointments.
Appointment Book
  Print reports sorted by category, dealer, time period, current user, etc.
 Dedicated forms to easily call "Whales", "Green Lights", Leads, Registration Leads and "Call Backs".
  Record Board is one of your daily tools for staying on top of your records...
Record Board by dealer
Dealer's activity by month
Office's totals by month
  Lock your workstation instantly...
  and many more...
 System requirements:
- Personal computer 486DX/66 or higher
- Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32/64), Windows 8, Windows 10
- 85MB of available HD disk space,
- Inkjet or laser plain paper printer (printer is not necessary however, it is recommended).

MikroKop WorkTools is not a native Mac OS software therefore in order to run it, Windows environment needs to be created on your Mac.
Preferred method for running Windows programs on Macs would be a Virtual Machine or a Boot Camp.
The Virtual Machine (VM) may be more practical simply because it allows you to run Mac OS and Windows programs simultaneously.
Setup process is simple but you will need a copy of Windows OS to install.
Any version of Windows will do, even XP...
All other necessary components are included with the installation of MikroKop WorkTools.

Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks belong to their respective holders.
 Pricing and availability:

"MikroKop WorkTools" software is available for immediate download. 

Registration cost is only *$225.00 (USD)
*no additional charge on network connections based on the same data source.
Meaning; data file is stored on one machine working as a server. 
All stations can connect to this data file with NO additional charges).

NOTE: Data file conversion from previous versions of the software: $199.00 (USD)
Ask for instructions regarding data conversion process.

Remote help is available for $95.00* (USD)
*for each started hour

To order your copy simply post your payment via PayPal @ https://www.paypal.com to support@mikrokop.com
and send your order to support@mikrokop.com

! If you do not have a PayPal account or simply don't want to use it, just send us a note and we will provide you a different way of making an online payment.

Note: when ordering please specify software version; Rainbow, Royal Prestige or CSI
Thank You - MikroKop.com * - subject to change